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Are you being chased by HMRC or others and threatened with bankruptcy?

If you are a property owner or you have a business you can be made bankrupt if you have not paid your taxes.

Bankruptcy can mean disaster for you and your family. If you are made bankrupt you will lose your interest in your home. For further information Visit our Bankruptcy Centre

If you have not been advised properly on these matters or if you want help because you are being:

 Threatened with legal action;

 Served with a statutory demand;

 Served with a bankruptcy petition or a winding up petition

Or if you simply want to know your rights then call us now!!

We work closely with an insolvency lawyer who will put you on the right track. He will also let you know if an IVA (click here) is more suitable for you. Call us for an initial free consultation or email us at:

Email: info@taxandaccounts.info

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